Ritual spell candles and Kits


Ritualized Love Box

Our love boxes are a powerful tool for setting your intentions,  infused with our spell work/blessing our products that are completely individualized to your specifications and needs. 


Packaged in The AnamCara &Co Black Blox you will recieve the :

  • Master Love Candle
  • Bath Salts
  • Perfume
  • Small Love Candle


With our selection of love rituals you will experience a true shift.  Whether it be for your own self-love, or for a love interest, doors will open and love will wash over you.

Your perspicacity will soar to a different consciousness as love gravitates towards you in an unhindered way.With our selection of Anam Cara &Co  candles your needs will be met on a personalized level. The bath love ritual is to complete your love for yourself and will grow on a continuous basis

We endeavor to successfully bring love into your life.

Smudging Kit


You Will Recieve:

  • Sage 
  • Palo santo blend 
  • Specialised AnamCara chosen herbs


Your Smudging kit is used for cleansing, grounding and purification (house environment workplace, your altar tools etc.)

You can purchase a more traditional style smudging kit through us to personalize It to your needs.

You will also be rewarded with a gift in every box to show our appreciation as our customers are extremely important and valued by us at AnamCara &Co.