Deadly Candles

Hand Crafted Candle from us to you


Introducing Our "Deadly candle" holding in rich scents with a sleek black jar.

Our scents include: 

  • Lemon Myrtle
  • Coconut 
  • Lime



Handmade and crafted candles that will fill your senses with pleasance and ease. Scents of Lemon myrtle with infusions of coconut and lime will fill up your house with pleasantries. 


Deadly by Anam Cara and Co's organic indigenous candle: "Experience the rich scents of our organic indigenous candles, made with lemon myrtle, coconut, and lime. Our candles are a tribute to our aboriginal heritage, honoring our ancestors past, present, and emerging. Light one today and feel the connection to our land and culture." 


Shop our collection today and experience the beauty of Deadly by Anam Cara and Co.